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Our Story

We came together at BRAE out of a desire to make rainwater harvesting technologies available to customers in North America. Rainwater harvesting as a concept has been around as long as people have been living together in communities. The idea isn’t novel but our approach – searching out the best products and packaging them into what we call BRAE Complete Systems – is what sets us apart.

That search for the best in rainwater utilization resources has led us to identify many “best in class” products. We make these products available because we believe that some system components just work seamlessly together. We package them into rainwater harvesting systems, leaving it to you to provide the setting and the rain.

Committed to delivering quality system solutions for many project types, we’re happy to help you find the right system for your project.

BRAE’s goal is to enhance your understanding of rain harvesting systems with timely, interesting and valuable information. If you have suggestions for additional information you would like to see on our site, please let us know. We welcome your feedback!

BRAE Home Office (US)

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