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Cox Mill High School

Water Reuse
Concord, NC
Hose Bib Irrigation for Cool Cell and Greenhouse, Irrigation

With increasing developmental pressures on community water supplies, Cox Mill becomes the first high school in the county school system to utilize rainwater for irrigating the Horticulture Lab greenhouse. With water conservation a key goal, the rainwater system will contribute to the educational curriculum for horticulture students. As an entry level system for the school design team, the system offered a complete package from design specification details to single source implementation. BRAE supplied a 5,800 gallon AG system to meet the greenhouse watering and cooling needs. This complete system offered a turn-key solution that could be rapidly deployed during school construction. Rainwater is pressurized with a Rainset stand integrating sediment filtration, digital level indication with make-up supply automation and metering of rainwater and potable water supplies for lab monitoring.

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Cox Mill High School
5,800 Gallon AG Series w/ Rainset Stand