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Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems

The classroom is the place where good water conservation work demonstrates how we can build and live more sustainably.

For Your School

Our thoughts constantly run to equipping tomorrow’s leaders with sustainability lessons for the school, for the community, for the future!

We all imagine today’s students learning the value and importance of conserving the earth’s resources. And how better to accomplish the task than making your buildings and grounds a sustainability laboratory, with curriculum tie-ins to weather, water quality, physical sciences, pollution, energy and sustainability.

At BRAE we believe water conservation is at the top of the curriculum in today’s green-conscious world. Rainwater saved can provide lessons in the classroom, in the corridor, in your school’s demonstration gardens, wherever water use is observed.  If yours is a new institution, a site design that includes rainwater harvesting can help gain LEED certification. New or not, rainwater harvesting can have a measureable impact on your building’s operational efficiencies in addition to the instructional opportunities it provides.

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Studio 804

Professor Dan Rockhill and 23 students in the graduate design/build program, Studio 804, began designing the University of Kansas' new Center for Design Research.

Cox Mill High School

With increasing developmental pressures on community water supplies, Cox Mill becomes the first high school in the county school system to utilize rainwater for irrigating the Horticulture Lab greenhouse.

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What is the difference between rainwater and graywater?

We specialize in the supply of rainwater systems, which utilize rainwater collected from the roof area of the building. Graywater is not to be confused with rainwater and usually refers to water collected from the bath/shower, hand basin and washing machine.

Are water companies supporting the work that you are doing to protect the environment?

Water companies are as concerned as the rest of us about the amount of water needed by our increasing population and are supportive of any measures introduced to reduce the increasing need for water resources. BRAE Complete Rainwater Systems not only assist water utilities by promoting water conservation, but also reduce storm water entering the treatment plants, which reduces the costs upon the utilities for processing storm water.

Can BRAE help my company gain environmental certifications and support our environmental policy?

Yes, water conservation has a big part to play in supporting your company policy to reduce water consumption. Many companies are aiming to achieve LEED Certification, administered by the US Green Building Council and implementing a BRAE Complete Rainwater System can help you to achieve the water efficiency goals this certification supports.


Water Facts

Use mulch in gardens, around shrubs and trees, in planting beds, and in borders. Mulches cover and cool the soil and discourage evaporation, weed growth, and erosion.